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Rhinoplasty FAQ

Is there a significant difference between immediate and end rhinoplasty results?
Eight days and 365 days make a tremendous difference in the results of nasal surgery. Be patient: Full healing takes a year, and there will continue to be small improvements occurring after the second and the third year after rhinoplasty.

Dr. Portuese and Pamela Anderson RN review a patient's file. Pam has worked in the office for 15 years
Is it normal to have headaches every day after nasal surgery?
Eight days after rhinoplasty it is normal to have facial pressure and headache caused by the nasal surgery. During osteotomies when the nasal bones are broken and reset, it does have a tendency to take a few weeks for the headaches to subside.

How is tip refinement done?
Tip enhancement is a myriad of techniques performed on the nasal tip cartilages to refine the nose, make it slimmer, less bulbous and more aesthetically pleasing. There are multiple different techniques that are used including cartilage grafts, tip grafts, and strut grafts, and sometimes removing cartilage. Tip enhancement is commonly performed simultaneously with rhinoplasty however it can be done independently if just the tip is out of balance with the rest of the nose.

Will rhinoplasty improve sinus reaction?
The medical diagnosis- chronic sinusitis is a where polyps and chronic infection are located inside the sinus cavities. A deviated septum is caused by deflection of the cartilage and bone on the inside of the nose, and causing nasal blockage. Rhinoplasty is done for cosmetic purposes only and does not improve breathing or chronic sinus infections in the sinus cavities.

Dr Portuese and Janet the office manager are reviewing the computer imaging results with a patient which is part of the rhinoplasty consultation. Dr Portuese is examining the nose during a rhinoplasty consultation.
Are there restrictions on body piercing and tattoos before or after rhinoplasty?
Tattooing and piercing is recommended to be completed at least 30 days prior to undergoing a nasal surgery procedure. This will allow time for swelling and reactions to have settled down prior to embarking on a new surgical procedure.

What can be done if the lower nose is protruding after rhinoplasty?
Should the lower portion be slightly bottom-heavy considering your rhinoplasty, it is normally cartilaginous in nature and it is possible it could be trimmed back to balance the nose. The best way to complete this is to return to the original physician or find a new extremely competent surgeon in nasal surgery. The protruding lower portion of your nose, can possibly be shaved down to give further balance and refinement to the nose.